5 Tips about bras you need to know

5 Tips about bras you need to know

Know Your Numbers

It's surprising how many of us are unaware of our true bra size.

Have you lost or gained weight since your last fitting?

Was Reagan president when you had your last fitting?

Remember, our bodies change over time.

Weight changes, pregnancies, aging, and other factors can change your bra size

Hand Wash When Possible

Bras are delicate; hand wash them using a gentle detergent.

If you must machine wash, use a mesh bag and choose a delicate cycle.

Lay flat to dry, do not put in the dryer.

Mind the Cups

Your breasts should fit comfortably within the bra cups.

If there's spillage over the top (Double Boob) or sides, you may need a bigger cup size.

If there's wrinkling or gaping, consider going down a size.

Check the Band

A proper band fit is crucial.

The band provides the majority of the support, so it's essential that it fits snugly.

The band should lie straight across your back.

If it's riding up, it's too loose.

If it's too tight, you might notice

Professional Fitting

Even if you think you know your size,getting professionally fitted can be eye-opening.

Not every bra fits the same, a size in one brand might fit differently in another.

A correctly fitting bra can make clothing fit better, leading to a more flattering silhouette and increased confidence.

Professional fittings don't just determine your size; they also identify the styles and shapes of bras that suit your breast shape.

Buying 4 sizes of a bra online and trying them on does not work.

Visit your local PETTICOAT LANE for a professional fitting.


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